Tours of Farm Animal Rescue

Sun, January 16, 2022

10:00 AM AEDT

Farm Animal Rescue

1713 Dayboro Rd, Dayboro, QLD, 4521, Australia (map)
  • Animals
Event Description
Event hosted by Farm Animal Rescue. This is a paid event.

Farm Animal Rescue is a completely free-roaming facility. We don't pen or yard the animals here, they live completely free. So we will walk around the paddocks and forests to find them and spend some time.

Then you can meet the chickens, goats, sheep, cows, pigs and other happy animals who have a forever home at the Farm Animal Rescue sanctuary where animals run free over 55 acres of hills, forests and fields.

Booking a tour on a Farm Animal Rescue Open Day is a great way to meet animals that have been rescued from the agriculture industry, hear their stories, and spend some time with our amazing residents.

•Bookings are made for a specific tour departure time.
•Our Walking Safaris will depart the visitor area promptly and take around 90 minutes. Guests must be accompanied by a guide when visiting the animals. There are steep hills at the sanctuary and there is a significant amount of walking involved.
•children under 15 must be supervised at all times as animals are free-ranging
•visitors wishing to see the cattle and pigs are required to navigate a steep path
What to bring with you
•We suggest you bring sunscreen
•a hat and water
•We recommend that you wear long trousers.
* Full enclosed shoes are MANDATORY.
In order to accommodate COVID-19 distancing requirements, procedures at the farm have changed.
* Please wash your hands on arrival and avoid touching your face during the tour.
* If you feel unwell, do not come. We will provide a full refund for anybody who cancels prior to the tour commencing because of illness.

You must arrive at the sanctuary at least 15 minutes prior to your tour. Refunds of booking fees are available for cancellations received by midnight the day before, or at any time if the cancellation is because of illness.
Parking on the highway is not permitted. You must park within the sanctuary grounds.

Visitors not wearing fully enclosed shoes will be denied access. Many of the sanctuary animals come from intensive farming and other cruel situations. You will be required to sign a liability waiver when you arrive at the sanctuary.
While visitors of all ages are welcome, the information that we provide on tours is most relevant to adults and teenagers.
The sanctuary paddocks are hilly and there are rough paths. Visitors need to have at least an average level of fitness and good mobility to successfully complete the tour.

** Qld government vaccine restrictions apply. Visitors over 16 years must provide proof of vaccination on arrival. Proof of vaccination can be supplied in any of the following ways:

Check in QLD app linked to a covid-19 digital certificate (the green tick)

Covid-19 digital certificate on Medicare app

Covid-19 digital certificate on myGov account

Covid-19 digital certificate on My Health Record

Printed copy of a covid-19 digital vaccination certificate

International covid-19 vaccination certificate

Printed copy of immunisation statement containing covid vaccination

Immunisation statement detailing medical contraindication

Immunisation certificate detailing medical contraindication

For the animals and volunteers

Donations of fresh fruit and vegetables for the animals are welcome. We can only accept donations of apples, watermelons, bananas, grapes, strawberries, pumpkins, pears and carrots.

Food donations will be placed in our food store and must not be fed to the animals by visitors.

Donations of packaged frozen, refrigerated and shelf items for the sanctuary’s interns are also welcome. All donations for the interns must be vegan.

Our vegan bumper stickers, tote bags, magnets, TShirts, and Sanctuary mugs will be available for sale. We will also be offering pies, drinks and ice creams to take away at the end of the tour.

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