About Us

VegEvents was created to help support people on their vegan journey. We believe the way to do that is by helping people find vegan events virtually or near them where they can connect with others on a similar journey. So we decided to create a place where people can easily find vegan events near them.

Our goal is to put all vegan conferences, festivals, and markets in one place and make it so easy to find a vegan event that people are already on their way to one before they can change their mind.

Vegan Event Policy

We try to ensure that all events are vegan. Exceptions to this policy are some conferences and some festivals. Some of these are hard to figure out if they are vegan, or have a lot of options for vegans. We will tag events as Vegetarian when they are clearly not vegan.

Submitting Events

We add events as we have the time and ability to do so. But we depend on visitors using the Submit an Event page to add events. We will review submissions within 5 business days.

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Updating or Reporting Events

If an event is updated or date changes we don’t often know about the latest changes. And sometimes a non-vegan event might slip through our review process.

Please use the “Report or Update Event” link on the event’s VegEvents listing to contact us with updated details or to let us know if an event is not vegan. You can find the link to the right of the “Event Description” heading on each event page.

Support Our Work

Please consider supporting us if you enjoy our work. We offer our websites for free and we keep them clutter-free.

If you love finding vegan events all in one place and getting a weekly email of events near you: please chip in what you can.

Your support will allow us to continue maintaining this site, continue adding and reviewing events, host virtual vegan events, and continue providing free resources to help people go or stay vegan. Your support makes a difference!

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Contact Us

Please note that we do not run events or VegFests, we only link to their event information. If you send us an email asking about vending at an event we will reply that we do not run the event.

We can be reached by email at [email protected]