Organizing an Event

These resources are intended to help people organize a vegan event, with a specific focus on organizers of large vegan events. Please contact us if you know of a helpful resource that’s missing.


Grant Programs

  • A Seed of Change

    A Seed of Change offers grants of up to $2,500.00 USD/CDN that are designed as foundational support. They fund grants in the areas of animals rights and advocacy, environmental sustainability and energy, children’s rights and education, and health and well being. They focus on individuals or small organizations at an early stage who are willing to make a real and impactful difference in their communities with pioneering ideas and original thinking. The projects or organizations must be non-profit and non-governmental.

  • A Well-Fed World

    A Well-Fed World is a hunger relief and animal protection organization. A standard project grant is $500. Applications are accepted year-round for quarterly distribution. Priority is given to small vegan groups that assist low-income communities. Grants are only provided for legal activities that use/promote plant-based foods and/or care for rescued farm animals.

  • The Awesome Foundation

    Every month, the Vegan Chapter of the Awesome Foundation grants $1,000 to an awesome vegan project, no strings attached. Applications must be received before the first Tuesday of the month. They will vote on proposals the following Sunday.

  • The Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy

    The Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy (CEVA) supports organizations or projects that advocate moving toward a plant-based or vegan diet, projects that lead to measurable results, and projects that have a clear and well-articulated strategy. CEVA only gives grants to groups outside the US and in amounts of $1,000 – $5,000 USD. One organization can only receive one grant per year, and decisions can take up to four weeks.

  • Food for Thought

    Animal Place’s Food for Thought Program awards grants up to $1,000 toward vegan events and vegan option ticket subsidies—or for the adoption of organization-wide vegan menu policies. All grants are currently limited to companion animal, wildlife, or environmental organizations that are classified as 501(c)(3) nonprofits or registered charities. Preference is given to organizations with brick and mortar facilities that regularly host public events.

  • The Pollination Project

    The Pollination Project makes daily seed grants to inspiring social change-makers who are committed to a world that works for all. They make initial grants of up to $1,000. Successful grantees become eligible for larger impact grants of up to $5,000 and other support.

  • The Vegan Society

    The Engaging New Audiences grants program is aimed at small to medium sized grassroots not-for-profit projects that encourage people to go vegan and stay vegan. They are particularly looking to fund new or innovative projects. They will typically fund projects up to 500 GBP.

  • VegFund

    VegFund empowers vegan activists worldwide by funding and supporting effective outreach activities that inspire people to choose and maintain a vegan lifestyle. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, adhere to a 100% vegan diet, and have a project or outreach event where they will be promoting a message consistent with VegFund’s mission, vision, and values. They provide grants for food sampling, pay per view, movie screenings, festivals and fairs, online campaigns, learning events, research, and innovative outreach that doesn’t fit into the other categories.

Organizing Large Events

  • How to Plan a VegFest – Veg Fest from Start to Finish (Compassionate Action for Animals)

    This is a comprehensive guide to everything you could possibly want to know about starting or running a Veg Fest. Compassionate Action for Animals, the group behind this guide, hosts Twin Cities Veg Fest in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, which started in 2012. There is a lot of information to start here from multiple contributors with experience.

  • Large Vegan Event Organizers Unite! (Facebook Group)

    This is a forum for those with lead positions in planning VegFests or other large vegan events and conferences to share and learn from one another (over 300 attendees). They welcome everyone whether they are for or non profit. They do not shame, belittle, or attack one another in this group. Everyone is expected to act like an adult and treat others with kindness and respect. After 3 warnings, you will be removed.

  • Organizing a VegFest (PlantPure Communities)

    For people who are interested in initiating a VegFest in their community, here is a general guide for planning and organizing the event.

  • Tips for Organizing a Successful VegFest (VegFund)

    A list of tips for organizing a successful vegFest from VegFund.

Technology Help

  • Loving Co-Op

    The purpose of Loving Co-Op is to support compassionate organizations so they can do more, be more while reaching a wider audience. They provide services & support in these areas of expertise: IT, Google Adwords/ Bing/Yahoo/Facebook Ads, Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Writers, Editors, Videography, and more.

  • Tech For Animals (Facebook Group)

    Tech For Animals helps connect tech talent with organizations that are helping animals and in need of skilled volunteer or paid talent. People and organizations can ask questions or post projects they need help with in Design, Engineering, Marketing, Management, PR, and more.

  • Vegan Web Nerds + Friends (Facebook Group)

    This is a group of vegan web nerd professionals and those who need their help. You have come to the right place if you’re a vegan that needs advice from a vegan web nerd or you would like to hire a vegan web nerd. The group consists of Graphic designers, Illustrators, Web Designers, UX/UI Designers, Web Developers, Web App makers, Web Programmers, Web Security, Web Marketers, and more.

Ticket Services

We have not vetted any of these options and some of the details may have changed since we wrote the summaries. This list is here to give you a few ideas of services out there if you need to sell tickets for your event. All fees are in USD unless otherwise stated.
  • Brown Paper Tickets

  • Eventbrite

  • EventCombo

  • Paypal

  • Purplepass

  • Square

  • Ticketbud

    Ticketbud charges a per ticket fee for paid events. Free events are always free. If you’re charging for tickets to your event, the fee is automatically passed on to the buyer or can also choose to absorb the service charge in the ticket price. They charge 2% of the ticket price plus $0.99. And there is a credit card processing fee of 2.9%.

  • Ticket Tailor

    Ticket Tailor charges no ticket fees. They have monthly fees based on how many events you run and how many tickets you plan to sell. You will need to contact them for a custom quote if you are selling more than 2,500 tickets. And you can cancel your plan at any time.

  • Yapsody

Lists of VegFests

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