Readin’ Vegans–“Homo Ahimsa”

Tue, February 23, 2021

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM MST

Denver, CO - Virtual Event

  • Vegan
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Event Description
Event hosted by Denver Vegans.

At our online book club February 23 we'll discuss HOMO AHIMSA: WHO WE REALLY ARE AND HOW WE'RE GOING TO SAVE THE WORLD, by Judy McCoy Carman (Circle of Compassion, 2020). You need not have attended a previous discussion to join us for this one. We'll discuss the book until about 8:30, followed by open conversation.

The Zoom link to the discussion is posted on the right, visible to those who RSVP. You will need a computer, laptop, smartphone or other device with internet access. It's pretty easy; if you're curious, check out We'll be available from 6:50 on to help anyone who might need extra time to connect. If you can't get on, call us at 303-300-2368. We hope to "see" you there!

If you'd like to read ahead: for our March 23 meeting, we'll discuss HEARTLAND: A MEMOIR OF WORKING HARD AND BEING BROKE IN THE RICHEST COUNTRY ON EARTH, by Sarah Smarsh.

These are troubled times. Everything we do now matters. But our dreams of peace on earth are closer than they have ever been. Right now we are immersed in the sixth extinction, environmental destruction, pandemics, corruption and relentless violence against animals, nature, and people. These ecological, spiritual and social justice crises were not caused by alligators or bears or dogs. It was Homo Sapiens alone.

We are being called to save the world from our old selves. It is time, and yes, there is still time. Governments and mega-corporations cannot stop the madness, because they are not powered by love. But we are, and we can. We have a chance right now to discover and Be who we Really are--Homo Ahimsa, the kind, nonviolent creatures that we were always meant to be. Ahimsa, in Sanskrit, literally means non-harm. More broadly, it means non-killing, lovingkindness, and reverence for all life.

We are, within our true hearts, compassionate and loving partners with each other and all life. While the world’s life support systems are in free-fall, we are heading for a massive paradigm shift in human consciousness that can bring us out of these dark times and into a new way of living that works for all. This time of chaos, uncertainty and fear is our window of opportunity. Together we can cocreate the loving and liberated world of peace and partnership with all life and end domination and violence. We can start today to heal the damage Homo Sapiens has done. May this book, Homo Ahimsa, be your companion guide on this important, exciting and sacred journey.

Judy McCoy Carman's passion is to look everywhere for the love and the beauty that flows through and links all faiths and all beings. She is dedicated to the vision and bold belief that we human beings can heal the damage we have done to the world and create a place of true peace, nonviolence, unconditional love, compassion and liberation, not just for people, but for all earthlings and all of nature. Her website is

An activist for peace, the environment, and animal liberation since the ‘70’s and long-term vegan, Carman is also the author of three other books, including Peace to All Beings: Veggie Soup for the Chicken’s Soul; co-author with Tina Volpe of The Missing Peace: The Hidden Power of Our Kinship with Animals; and Born to be Blessed: Seven Keys to Joyful Living. In Peace to All Beings Judy introduced the concept of Homo Ahimsa to describe the new compassionate human we can reveal ourselves to be if enough of humanity awakens in time.

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