New Year, New Friends Trivia Night

Sat, January 15, 2022

8:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST

Charlotte, NC - Virtual Event

  • Vegan
Tags: Virtual
Event Description

• What we'll do
The goal of this event is to bring vegetarians, vegans and those interested in a plant-based lifestyle together. We're doing virtual first to help those outside the city limits interact a little easier.

Players must have access to a mobile web browser (for answering questions) and a separate device for Discord (to view the game stream).

1. Pick a nickname, and stick with it. Please?
2. If you win a game, you get to pick the next one.
3. Come and go whenever you want, but please introduce yourself.

(Jackbox games can support a total of 1-10 people. Depending on the game, the maximum amount of players can be from 6-10. If you have more players than that, they can still join the game and play in the audience!)

You Don't Know Jack 2015 (4 Players)
Drawful 2 (8 Players)
Word Spud (8 Players)
Lie Swatter (Unlimited Players)
Fibbage XL (8 Players)

Fibbage 2 (8 Players)
Earwax (8 Players)
Bidiots (6 Players)
Quiplash XL (8 Players)
Bomb Corp. (4 Players)

Quiplash 2 (8 Players)
Trivia Murder Party (8 Players)
Guesspionage (8 Players)
Fakin' It (6 Players)
Tee K.O. (8 Players)

Fibbage 3 (8 Players)
Survive the Internet (8 Players)
Monster Seeking Monster (7 Players)
Bracketeering (16 Players)
Civic Doodle (8 Players)

You Don't Know Jack 2019 (8 Players)
Split the Room (8 Players)
Mad Verse City (8 Players)
Zeeple Dome (6 Players)
Patently Stupid (8 Players)

Trivia Murder Party 2 (8 Players)
Role Models (6 Players)
Joke Boat (8 Players)
Dictionarium (8 Players)
Push the Button (10 Players)

Quiplash 3 (8 Players)
The Devils and the Details (8 Players)
Champ'd Up (8 Players)
Talking Points (8 Players)
Blather 'Round (6 Players)

Drawful: Animate (10 Players)
The Wheel of Enormous Proportions (8 Players)
Job Job (10 Players)
The Poll Mine (10 Players)
Weapons Drawn (8 Players)

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