Nattiez Pattiez Delivery Day

Tue, March 13, 2018

9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Vegg’d Out Vegan Kitchen

5224 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL, 33611, United States (map)
  • Vegan
Event Description
Event hosted by Vegg'd Out Vegan Kitchen.

The Vegg’d Out Vegan Kitchen presents:

Nattiez Pattiez Delivery Day

We here at Vegg’d Out have a motto, “Only the BEST, for the BEST!” As we Truly feel that the individuals who possess a strong passion and Love for themselves; who values their existence and quality of life, should be treated with #CleanerEatin anytime it’s within their reach. It’s a reflection of #GoodHealth, showing their cells and organs that they do value what they’re doing, and their ever so important & vital role in one’s Life: sustaining it!

For those reasons and others, we’re proud to launch another operative assisting in the celebration of this conquest, “Nattiez Pattiez Delivery Day (NPDD)”. #NPDD will allow one to order our flagship item, the Nattiez Pattiez; and have it delivered to them. Look for other #VeggdOut favz to accommodate them as well rotationally, as we aim to assist those who are seeking to make better food and drink consumption choices in their lives the best ways we can. NPDD will occur multiple times per month, and will feature multiple flavors of #Patz; some good ol’ familiars, as well as NEW debuts.

Here are the logistics:

-Wednesday, March 13, 2018
-Time out on delivery: 11a – 2p

-There’s a total minimal dollar amount of $10 per order.
-Orders are to be submitted via text message to 813.361.0841
between the hours of 8:00a – 10:00a the day of.
-Orders $25.00 and above will require immediate card payment.
If your order is so, please provide a contact phone number, as
we will be calling you back immediately and accepting payment
over the phone at that time.
-There’s a $5.00 delivery fee per order.
-Delivery service is confined to Tampa only.
-The order of delivery is based upon a “first come, first serve”
priority. Your estimated delivery time will be communicated to
you at the time of order.
-Cash/Debit/Credit accepted as payment.


Here are the listed Hillsborough County zip codes in which Vegg’d Out delivers to:


#DaBay has spoken, and we’ve heard your request. Now, you can have freshly made #NattiezPattiez for lunch at your job, school, or home. Helping you stay closer to your healthy goals with unrivaled taste, and high quality ingredients.

*All vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices are Certified Organic*

*All containers and cutlery are compostable and bio-degradable*

Come and see for your self how you were meant to eat. #CleanerEatin style!

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