National Health Association Conference

Fri, June 28, 2019

to Sun, June 30, 2019

Cleveland Airport Marriott

4277 West 150th Street, Cleveland, OH, 44135, United States (map)
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Event Description

This NHA conference, sponsored by Vitamix, offers everything you will need to know to adopt, live, and love the healthiest lifestyle on the planet—and you will eat the most delicious and nutritious meals ever!

Speakers include:
Neal Bernard, M.D., Founder of PCRM
Joel Fuhrman, M.D., six-time New York Times Best-Selling Author, and president of the Nutritional Research Foundation
Alan Goldhamer, D.C., Founder, TrueNorth Health Center, Co-Author of The Pleasure Trap
Stephan Esser, M.D., Co-Founder/Director of Esser Health
Frank Sabatino, D.C., Health Director at Balance for Life Retreat, Florida
Nathan Gershfeld, D.C., Director of Fasting Escape Retreat Center, in Yorba Linda, CA
Pam Popper, Ph.D., N.D., Executive Director of Wellness Forum Health
Greg Fitzgerald, D.O., D.C, N.D., Founder and principal, The Health for Life Centre
Chef AJ, Author of Unprocessed and The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss
John Pierre, nutritoin and fitness consultant
Victoria Moran, author of Mainstreet Vegan the book, and the podcast.


Conference Pass: $495 until 12/31/18. After this cost will be $575 (includes six vegan, SOS-free meals)

For online registration and to see the conference flyer (including all speakers), visit

Location: Cleveland Airport Marriot. Call 330-953-1002 for more information.


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