VegFest Puerto Rico

Sun, April 14, 2019

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Parque Pasivo Enrique González

Calle Bonaire, Ponce, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico (map)
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Event Description
Event hosted by VegFest Puerto Rico.

We are happy to announce Puerto Rico VegFest Festival April 14, 2019! VegFest 2019 will be hosted in Ponce, Puerto Rico. What is a VegFest? It is a festival that brings people together from everywhere to enjoy a day of veganism from food to local and handmade no harm to animals products. Puerto Rico is known for our vibrant music so tradition will play its part at the festival!

Many people are not aware how many vegans are in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico plays a part in our vegan world. There are many artisans, food vendors, natural doctors, and farmers. There will also be other exciting additions and special guests. The cause of this event is veganism and community support.
We are a group that are vegans and nonvegans that share one very important view. We all want to help better not just Puerto Rico but our world!

VegFest Puerto Rico founded by Frances Gonzalez (Vegan Wines) and hosted along with Axel Strubbe (Imperio Vegano). Vegan Wines is the first US vegan online wine club and Imperio Vegano is a consulting agency with its mission to veganize all restaurants in Puerto Rico!

Veganism is one of the strongest movements in 2018 worldwide. Let us be part of this and show Puerto Rico is part of this movement! VegFest Puerto Rico is all about vegan food, community, and entertainment.

Our mission is to veganize every town in Puerto Rico. Every year VegFest Puerto Rico will be hosted in a different town every year.

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