Vegan Travel (on Clubhouse)

Fri, April 16, 2021

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT

Virtual Event

  • Animals
  • Environment
  • Vegan
Tags: Clubhouse, Panel Discussion, Social, Virtual
Event Description
Event hosted by Donna Zeigfinger. This is a free event.

Each week will be a different topic

We are with two clubs. Tuesdays at 7P on Vegan Travel Club

And the Friday event is with Plant-Based Food and Wellness.

We will talk about traveling as a vegan.

Sample topics-

volunteer vacations

all-inclusive vacations



Ethical Travel.

You must be a Clubhouse member. To do so you must have a Iphone and a clubhouse member must send you an invitation.

Soon Android will be in place but for now just Iphones.

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