Vegan Spring Fest (formerly Veggie Pride Parade)

Sun, April 11, 2021

12:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT

Union Square Park North

Union Sq Pk N. (17th St.), New York City, NY, 10003, United States (map)
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Event Description
Event hosted by Vegan Spring Fest. This is a free event.

Formerly entitled the “Veggie Pride Parade"event, this year's happening has been re-branded and scaled down - no parade or tables, but still wonderful speakers and performers. The organizer, Maggie Sargent, shared:

If 2020 has taught us anything it is that coming together despite our differences and celebrating veganism sends a message that we are not only united but are not going to stop fighting for the animals. It is important to meet in person from time-to-time to show support for each other and help others transition to veganism.

This event began 14 years ago in response to a "Veggie Pride Parade" in France. For a full 10 years, the founder, Pam Rice, pulled off this massive, costumed, sign carrying spectacular of a parade which ended at union square greeted by dozens of tables filled with literature, t-shirts and delicious vegan food samples as well as a seated area for people to watch the staged performances and speakers. Maggie took over this lively event four years ago even expanding it to include an after event, with a Smorgasburg meal and comedy/dance get together at V-Spot on St Marks. It was so much fun. Last year she organized a virtual event, which can be viewed at the link below. To see its other former successes, please google youtube's "Veggie Pride Parade" events and be amazed at its progress through the years.

The organizer also shared:

Do you have something to say about a lesson you learned from going vegan? Did you write a poem for the animals? Do you want to share your story about why you went vegan? Do you run a vegan organization or program and you want to talk about how others can get involved? People learn from others, and what you have to say is important! Email us to get on this year's program to speak on April 11th in Union Square Park. 5-8 minute slots available. We would love to hear what you have to share!

Looking forward to seeing you there!!!

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