Tokyo Vegan カジュアルZOOMミートアップ #28 (日本語 Japanese Language) 4月7日

Wed, April 7, 2021

7:45 PM - 9:00 PM JST

Tokyo, Japan - Virtual Event

  • Vegan
Tags: Virtual, Volunteering
Event Description

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皆さん、こんにちは! 私達は皆さんでハングアウトしたり、友達を作り、経験をシェアし、様々なヴィーガンに関するトピックを話し合えるコミュニティーを作りたいと思います。ヴィーガンでもそうでない方もどなたでも歓迎ですので、ヴィーガンスナックや飲み物を持ってハングアウトにご参加ください。

このイベントは日本語で開催されます。国籍や日本語の熟練度に関わらず皆さんご参加いただけますが、通訳がないことをご承知ください。 これは語学交流イベントではありませんが、ヴィーガンライフやヴィーガン食に興味がある方向けです。

日程: 4月7日(水) 午後 7:45−9:00時(日本時間)

予約方法:MeetupのTokyo Vegan Meetupグループページにて”参加”ボタンを押してください。予約をした方には8日(火)の晩に


Tokyo Vegan Meetupボランティアオーガナイザーより

Hi everyone! We want to create a community where we can hang out, make friends, share our experiences, and chat about different vegan topics. Everyone is welcome, vegan or not, so bring a vegan snack or a drink, and come hang out with us!

As this is a community hangout and everyone is encouraged to participate, please join with your camera on for transparency. (We will take a group shot to share at some point during the event. At that time we will inform participants, so you can hide your face / move off camera if you wish. We ask that you respect others’ privacy by not sharing screen shots of other members without their permission.)
This event will be in Japanese only. Everyone is welcome, no matter what your nationality is or how much Japanese you speak, but be aware that there will be no interpreter. This is not a language exchange event, but for those who are interested in veganism / vegan food.

Time: Wednesday, April 7th, 7:45 pm - 9:00 pm (Tokyo time)

RSVP: Just click "Going" (on the Meetup event page) as usual.
The event link will be sent by meetup message to participants on the evening of Tuesday, April 6th. (So please make sure that your settings allow you to receive organizer messages).

Looking forward to seeing you on Zoom!

Tokyo Vegan Meetup Volunteer Organizers

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