TALK: Healing Foods – the healing power of nutrition

Thu, February 25, 2021

8:00 PM - 9:00 PM GMT

London, 17 - Virtual Event

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Event Description
Event hosted by The London Raw Food Community. This is a free event.

How to help your body to recover and heal from illness and ease symptoms

This talk will cover:

Which foods can help in the healing process

Learn the power of nutrition & how it can impact your health

How to get your body into a 'healing state'

How to get the maximum nutrition from foods

"Super Foods'' & how they should be used

How to find the nutrients that are best for your health and right for you

How to tune into what your body needs & addressing your symptoms

What other things does your body need to heal & recover

Lia discovered the power of Raw Food 10 years ago while healing from an MS like illness. She will be sharing how you can help you body with healing, recovering and management of conditions. You will learn about which foods offer the most nutrition and which vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients are needed for health conditions.

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About Lia

Lia has been a holistic practitioner and healer for over 18 years. For the past 8 years, she has been a Health / Nutrition educator and coach. She transformed her own health with raw food and natural therapies and has been vegan for over 14 years. She has helps people to change their health with a combination of nutrition, moving their bodies and meditation. She focuses on what is best for your own body and a natural, plant based diet. Lia has been holding retreats, workshops and healing festivals for 9 years. Lia shares raw and vegan recipes, videos on health and meditations. Sign up on her website here

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Topic: TALK: Healing Foods - the healing power of nutrition
Time: Feb 25,:00 PM London

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