Protest Animal Cruelty at The Ritz-Carlton

Thu, December 6, 2018

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia

10 Avenue Of The Arts, Philadelphia, PA, 19102, United States (map)
  • Animals
  • Vegan
Event Description

Around the world, hundreds of millions of egg laying hens are confined to filthy cages so small that they can hardly turn around and will never be able to spread their wings. Crammed into battery cages with 5-10 other birds, they have less than the size of a single sheet of paper to live their entire life. Their feet and bodies constantly rubbing against the metal bars, they lose their feathers and suffer from abrasions and sores that become infected.

Hundreds of companies are phasing out these cages across the world. However, there is one company that is falling behind on the issue. Marriott, the largest hospitality chain in the world, has failed to complete their promised switch to cage-free and is still confining hens in cages across the globe. This is unacceptable, especially due to Marriott's brand as a top-tier hotel. Marriott and their subsidiary, Ritz-Carlton, consider themselves upscale hotels that are leaders in their industry. It's time they start acting like leaders by upholding their commitment to go 100% cage-free in the US. It is also time they commit to an international cage-free policy.

Join The Humane League staff members and volunteers for a silent demonstration in front of the Ritz-Carlton in Center City to show we will not tolerate this extreme animal abuse. The demonstration will last for one hour and we will provide all of the materials and signs.

The Humane League's safe space policy will be in effect at this event to ensure everyone feels welcome and comfortable. Please read the policy here:

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