Plant-Powered Dog Food Summit

Tue, March 12, 2019

to Tue, March 19, 2019


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  • Vegan
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Event Description
Event hosted by Chase Pet Wellness, LLC.

Chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, autoimmune diseases and even cancer are skyrocketing in companion dogs.

Join The PLANT-POWERED DOG FOOD SUMMIT And Take Action To Save Your Dog!

The Plant-Powered Dog Food Summit is FREE and online from March 12 – 19, 2019.

During the Plant-Powered Dog Food Summit, 17 of the world’s top veterinarians, scientists and animal activists will teach you why the myths you have been “fed” may be creating the very rise in canine chronic diseases we are currently witnessing in our companion dogs.

These leaders will empower you to heal your dog from chronic disease and to gain health and vitality with plants!


  • Decode your dog’s true nutritional requirements
  • Discover how to save your dog from gastrointestinal disorders, skin issues, obesity, cancer and other devastating diseases
  • Eliminate foods that create chronic diseases and substitute foods that heal
  • Reduce and eliminate toxins from your dog’s diet
  • Create nutritious plant-based recipes
  • Use the best supplements to complement plant-based recipes
  • Select the best commercial plant-based foods
  • Feed your dog to THRIVE while saving thousands of animals and the planet!

This is the FIRST and ONLY time this group of world leaders has joined together to reveal the future of dog nutrition so you can save your dog from chronic disease and invite true health and vitality.

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