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Tue, September 12, 2017

to Tue, September 19, 2017


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Event hosted by Plant-Based Business Week.


Join the first ever virtual conference about the brands, products and people driving the plant-based movement!

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WHEN: September 12 – 18, 2017

WHERE: Your home, your office, or even at the gym!

FORM: Virtual Conference – you can sign up to watch the interviews on any device, anywhere in the world.


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The Schedule:

History and Future of Vegan Business

September 12

Learn how the market for vegan products and services has grown over the past decades, and how the opportunities opening up now are taking even the experts by surprise.

You’ll hear about starting a vegan company in an environment where even vegetarian products were scarce. What is driving the change now. And why this is only the beginning of a much bigger wave that’s still to come.

Branding and Marketing for Vegan Companies

September 13

Whether you want to launch your own brand, or use your own marketing skills to help position plant-based products, this module will cover everything from branding and package design to marketing and PR.

Find out how to position your product and discover your target audience (which might not always be vegans), and learn the advantages of labeling products vegan vs plant-based, or sustainable vs ethical.

Ethical Fashion and Materials

September 14

There’s a growing demand for ethical and environmentally-responsible clothing, footwear and accessories, which is driving the growing field of vegan fashion.

Learn how to establish your own compassionate brand, and what new cruelty-free materials (mushrooms, synthetic spiderweb, pineapple…) are shaping the fashion scene.

Plant-Based Food Industry

September 15

From meat, dairy and egg alternatives to vegan fast-food chains, the food sector is where the plant-based revolution is making the biggest impact.

Find out why so many investors believe plants are the future of our food supply, why even the world’s largest food brands now own stakes in plant-based startups, and why millions of dollars are being poured into plant-based food science.

Vegan Startups and Investors

September 16

Last year alone has seen the creation of multiple plant-based venture capital funds, and there are hundreds of millions of dollars being invested into startups in this space.

Learn what investors are looking for, how the most successful vegan startups got started, and the key points to consider when starting your own company and financing your growth.

Science and Health

September 17

Scientific breakthroughs offer some of the most exciting opportunities for ending our dependence on animal products in ways that even a few years ago would have been considered science fiction.

A new type of medical professional – doctors who prevent disease instead of attempting to cure the symptoms – is revolutionizing the healthcare system. And with this change come new models for providing preventative medicine, concierge care and cutting-edge treatments.

Personality Brands and Social Media

September 18

Learn how you can harness the power of social media to position yourself as an authority, jump-start your plant-based business, and create unique brand experiences online.

Knowing how to leverage various social media is useful for any business – and with the right approach and leverage, you can also build a successful brand around your online presence.


The Speakers (more announced each week):

Michele Simon – Plant-Based Foods Association
Bruce Friedrich – Good Food Institute
Miyoko Schinner – Miyoko’s Kitchen
Dr Garth Davis – The Davis Clinic
David Benzaquen – PlantBased Solutions
Matt Frazier – No Meat Athlete
Victoria Moran – Main Street Vegan
Nelson Campbell – PlantPure, Inc.
T.K. Pillan – Veggie Grill/PowerPlant Ventures
David Yeung – Green Monday
Stephanie Redcross – Vegan Mainstream
Dr Pamela Fergusson – Lightdrop
Dr Joel Kahn – Kahn Longevity Center
Lisa Feria – Stray Dog Capital
Katrina Fox – Vegan Business Media
Cem Yildiz – What The Pitta
John Corry – PlantPure, Inc.
Meg & Komi Vora – Delikate Rayne
Kezia Jauron – Evolotus PR
Marco Antonio Regil – TV/Radio Host
Michael Pellman-Rowland – The Vector Group, Morgan Stanley
Ellen Jaffe Jones – Veg Coach


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