Online game night

Fri, November 26, 2021

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM EST

Durham, NC - Virtual Event

  • Vegan
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Event Description

Until it's safe to play face-to-face we'll keep a weekly game night online so we can maintain some mental stimulation!

We start out on Google Hangouts. It is an app that can be used on a phone OR a laptop, like zoom, etc. I will "open" the room/call at 6:45.

Here's the link:
This link never changes from night to night, it will always be the same link.

We can do games just over Hangouts, where 1 person usually has a physical game that they share w/ everyone over the app (like trivia, charades, etc), or we usually go to (BGA) and pick something there. You need an account/username (free & requires only an email) so we can invite you to play with our group. Takes a few mins to set up.

Games only through Hangouts (that I physically have)
Codewords After Dark
Joe Name It
That's It!
Name 5
What's Yours Like?
The Game of Things
Fact or Crap
Trivial Pursuit
Scavenger Hunt
Bomb Corp
Fibbage 2
2 Truths & a Lie
Box of Lies

There's 100s of games on BGA, feel free to browse their website.

We also play games that aren't on BGA through other websites:
Some card games- playing
Monopoly/Scrabble/few others-
(We also have our own lists we've made, feel free to add to them here:

We can vote on whatever sounds good, play all, play 30 rounds of 1, whatever. If anyone has their own games they think will work over this platform, I'm always open to ideas and input!

This meetup will be on alternating Thurs and Fridays evenings.

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