March of Silence (no host event)

Thu, September 12, 2019

12:00 PM - 11:00 PM EDT

Grand Park

200 N Grand Ave, Los Angeles, ca, 90012, United States (map)
  • Animals
  • Vegan
Event Description
Event hosted by Vegans of Orange County.

from webpage:


WHAT: March of Silence


WHERE: Grand Park ­ Downtown Los Angeles, CA (on Hill between 1st and Temple at Civic Center/Grand Park Metro Stop)

On that day, make peace with everyone. Be cruelty­free and abstain from eating or wearing animal products and do not use any products that have been tested on animals.

To ensure the safety of everyone involved in the March of Silence, please respect and observe the following guidelines:

Be silent upon arrival at the park. WEAR ALL BLACK, refrain from wearing any non­activism logos or branding. There will be march leaders wearing Hi­Vis green safety vests organizing participants into groups. Follow the instructions of the designated march leaders at all times.

March leaders and group liaisons are the only people allowed to communicate with other march participants or non­participants, spectators, media outlet. If you must talk, ONLY speak with a march leader. DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH ANY LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. March of Silence and all other organization involved are not liable for your actions. Participate at your own risk.

We do not allow any signs, banners, noise­makers, smoke bombs, instruments, weapons, or any other inappropriate substances or objects. Cameras are allowed. We encourage your use of social media, however, please do so while refraining from speaking or making any noise.


Other Important Information:

● Green Frogtape (100% Vegan) will be distributed before the march begins, by march leaders. Only wear the Frogtape over your mouth or on your right shoulder, whichever you are more comfortable with. If you would rather wear a green cloth, please do your best to match the color of Frogtape, and refrain from using non­activism logo or branded items.

● March of Silence volunteers will be designated by a green X on their shirts. You can look to them for guidance during the march, but please listen to all directions from the marshals. The marshals are responsible for ensuring everyone’s safety.
● The March route will end at Grand Park, where we will gather for our “Breaking the Silence” ceremony and after party!


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