Help End Animal Circuses NOW! Protest LuLu Shrine Circus in Plymouth Meeting

Fri, May 17, 2019

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Public Street in front of LuLu Shrine Temple

5140 Butler Pike, Plymouth Meeting, PA, 19462, United States (map)
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Event Description

• What we’ll do
Animals in the Circus NEED Your Help!

The 78th annual animal circus at the Lulu Shrine Temple is back in town for its display of abuse. Please meet on the shoulder of Butler Pike in front of the Lulu Shrine Temple (do not drive up to the building). Signs will be provided. JUST SHOW UP AND BRING YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY!
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SHRINE CIRCUS FACTS: The Shriners do not operate their own traveling circus. Instead, local Shrine temples hire existing circuses or put together a collection of acts to perform. LuLu Shrine Circus has hired elephant, tiger, dog, and other animal acts in the past and is expected to have the same acts this year. The annual circuses are held as fundraisers for the fraternal group, but proceeds from Shrine Circuses usually benefit Shrine Temple operations only. The Shriners announce in small writing on tickets that proceeds do not benefit Shriners Hospitals for Children and contributions or gifts to the Shrine Circus are not tax deductible as charitable contributions. In addition to showing up for a demonstration, we ask that you contact the Shriners. Please contact the Potentate, or chief executive, at the Lulu Shrine temple and urge him to replace the circus with non-animal fundraisers, such as golf tournaments, car shows, festivals, or an animal-free circus: Gerald Jay, Potentate, LuLu Shriners 5140 Butler Pike Plymouth Meeting PA 19462 Phone: (610).


– — Where we stand?
We stand on the side of the road at the entrance to the parking lot of the Lulu Shrine Temple. There is only one entrance, so everyone going to the circus can see us and our signs.

— What we do?
We display non-graphic signs with slogans like “Warning- Animal Abuse Inside” and information about animal circuses.

— Parking?
The local police have approved our parking on the shoulder of Butler Pike. Please try to park close to other cars there so that the view of the demonstration itself is unobstructed (don’t park close to the driveway leading up to the Temple – park closer to the little house on the other end of the shoulder area)

— Police Interaction?
We have coordinated with the local police department (Whitemarsh Twp covers this area) regarding our First Amendment to the United States Constitution rights. The police are usually well-informed about our demonstrations and we generally have no problems.

— Bathrooms?
There are some stores a few miles away, but nothing really close.

— Receptivity of the patrons?
We don’t have much one-on-one contact because we are standing by the side of the road and can only interact with people in their cars (unless they walk over to us, as a few did last time). The reaction is overall positive, with a few defensive people flipping the bird or yelling out rude comments from the safety of their vehicles.

— What to bring
All signs and flyers are provided. Bring your friends and family!

— Important to know
The more people we have, the more effective the protest and the stronger our message. The animals needs YOU to show up for them. Ringling is history and soon all animal circuses will be but only if we continue to educate patrons on the facts about animal circuse

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