Fork Smart: Oil-free Whole Plant-based Living Potluck & Vegucation/Dish Exchange

Thu, June 13, 2019

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Bridgeland Seventh Day Adventist Church (main floor – Gymn)

48 - 12th Street, NE, Calgary, AB, Canada (map)
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  • Vegan
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Event Description

Note: Dish Exchange is a new initiative and happens at the close of each potluck. Subscribe for $10.00 and receive 4 storage containers (dishwasher; microwave and freezer safe) – use to fill main course dishes and bring filled containers to potluck. Leave at designated exchange table and pick up four other filled containers to take home. Label containers with content description and secure with rubber band. Interested? Call Kate at to reserve your containers and become a member of the Dish Exchange.

• Your Responsibility at the Potluck:

~ 6-B servings of a soup, salad, main dish or dessert to serve 6-8 people
~ appropriate serving utensils
~ $2.00 collection per person (Children 5 -12 years – $1..00 each)
~ your own water bottle and eating utensils please
~ change basket liners when returning to the buffet.

Food Guidelines for Potluck and Dish Exchange:
> no animal products (no dairy, eggs, beef, chicken, pork, fish allowed or
> no oils or nut butters – in cooking process or recipe, including tahini)
> nuts/avocado on the side only – as many follow Dr. Esselstyn’s heart prevention/reversal guidelines)
> no Fake meats please (avoiding insulin-like growth hormones – following Dr. McDougall protocol).
> no coconut milk (as it is very high in fat) and instead use plant milk with a drop or two of coconut extract.

A oil-free whole plant-based diet is a low fat, high fibre, nutritiously dense way of eating that promotes optimal health. This is evidence-based nutritional science as followed by such leading doctors as McDougall, Esselstyn, Campbell, Barnard, Greger and others in the whole plant-based world. Optimizing our own health allows us to be stewards for our planet and animal kind.

What we do for the Potluck:
>Supply paper ware to comply with health standards and practices
>Offer a Vegucation session during the dessert portion of our meal together
>Share information about community resources
>Do a draw each month
>Activity table for kids

Connect to Fork Smart newsletter ( ) for articles; recipes; resources

*We hope this will help offset the costs of hosting this event. Thank you for your support – each person’s contribution is a help! First time? Connect with Kate – friends of friends are always welcome – just RSVP so we know how many to expect! Always room for you at our table!

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