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Dash and Dine Eugene Veggies Picnic

Sat, September 24, 2022

12:00 PM - 12:01 PM PDT

Monroe Park

W 10th Ave, Eugene, OR, 97402, United States (map)
  • Vegan
Tags: Restaurant meetup
Event Description
Event hosted by Eugene Veggies.

The idea behind this event is that we will pick up (purchase!) some food from whatever our favorite vegan or vegan-friendly restaurant is and then **DASH** to meet at a local park so we can **DINE** together, chat and maybe play some games. If you want to bring your own home-cooked food, that's totally fine too! I'll bring the ladder golf for those who want to chat and throw things at the same time. :-)

This is a chance to show our local restaurants some support and also to meet up with other people who enjoy a vegan meal. We'll be outdoors, since, even pre-covid, people were constantly asking for outdoor events.

This is a very small park, so you will have no trouble finding the group. The park has picnic tables, but there's no guarantee that we will get those tables first. Consider having a chair or blanket in your car as backup.

Here are some of my favorite local restaurants (in no special order) which are either all vegan or vegan-friendly. Please list your own favorites in the comments below! Do you second one of these places? Did I miss a good one? Let us know.

* **Govindas** (all vegan)
* **Cornbread Cafe** (all vegan)
* **Lotus Garden** (all vegan)
* **Flame N Rays** (food cart, vegan)
* **Heavenly B** (food cart - vegetarian/mostly vegan)
* **Viva Vegetarian** (food cart, vegan)

Honorable mentions to:

* **Cafe Yumm**, which has a register button for 'vegan' for their bowls
* **Mod Pizza**, which has vegan cheese (or pile on the veggies and just skip the cheese! for a pretty healthy meal)
* **Taco Time**, whose veggie burrito can easily be made vegan. I sub extra salsa for the dairy, but you can also get guacamole subbed for the dairy. With the whole wheat tortilla, this is a surprisingly healthy meal at an an affordable price.
* **Thai Places** : Several Thai places in town have tasty vegan options, even without the fish sauce. What is your favorite?

Consider bringing your own reusable utensils rather than the throw away stuff that the restaurant gives out. No one will comment on your utensils, but those of us who eat vegan are often concerned about the environment. Bringing your own reusable utensils is just one more super easy way to lessen the burden a smidge on the planet.

This event is outdoors. Also, everyone who attends *must be fully vaccinated*. Please change your RSVP to 'no' if you have tested positive for covid or if you are not feeling well. Those measures should have us covered fairly well.

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