Canada Goose Protest Every Saturday

Sat, April 17, 2021

12:30 PM BST
CAVENDISH SQUARE, London, England, W1G, United Kingdom (map)
  • Animals
Event Description

Copied from facebook page, this protest is not organised by me or LAR MEETUP GROUP.

"Join us every Saturday for the BIG weekly protest against Canada Goose. Everyone is welcome :)
We aim to expose the truth to the public behind this unethical brand.
Please make sure all placards and leaflets are Canada Goose specific, as the fur they use comes from trapped Coyote and not fur farmed animals.
There is a link to Information on Canada goose to have a read up on so we can educate the public about why we are protesting this specific store, along with the link to the footage to play on your laptops.

EVERYONE is welcome to attend but if you’re not yet vegan please do not wear or consume any animal products on the day. One of the most popular and predictable things thrown at us at every event is “you all have leather shoes on!” Its so common and we must stand a united front that the lives of all animals is equally important.

Meeting point will be inside CAVENDISH SQUARE. Please be there by 1pm, please arrive early if you want to grab some food or a coffee.
Please bring
~ laptops with Canada Goose specific footage, not footage from fur farms - link below
~ megaphones, drums and whistles or anything that makes noise!
~ Canada Goose Placards for their fur and down
~ For Canada Goose leaflets, stickers and badges -
contact [email protected]

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