A Vegan Connections Christmas

Sat, December 8, 2018

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM


54 Calton Entry, Glasgow, Scotland, G40 2SB, United Kingdom (map)
  • Vegan
Tags: VegFest
Event Description
Event hosted by Vegan Connections.

“Weel, here’s a wish or twa’ in rhyme,
Jist for you at Christmas time;
I thocht I’d write a verse or Twa’.
Wi some tae suit ye eenana
May Santa Claus come doon yer lum,
But, losh bi here! perhaps like some;
Ye hinna got a lum ava,
Like some o’ they new hooses braw.

But Santa winna’ be defeated,
Naemaitter foo the hoose is heated;
If ye jist leave yer door ajar,
Aul’ Santa Fae that land a’far;
Will jist come in and fill yer’ stockin.
Nae doot yel’ leave that note ye printit,
Tae sae exactly fit ye wintit.

Of coorse ye canna be ower greedy,
Jist think on ithers far mair needy;
Perhaps yer wishes will come true,
And bring much happiness tae you.
Likewise tae them ye love ana,
At hame and ithers far awa;
The Christmas cairds that bring ye cheer,
The dressin’ up in Christmas gear
The pairties that bring joy and laughter
Sair heids, sair stammicks ever after.”

Vegan Connections returns this Christmas under a new roof to bring you a Vegan Christmas market with a whole load of Scottish heart. With 35 stalls filled with hearty food, the perfect gifts and packed with festive cheer – it’s our favourite time of year.

“Of coorse ye canna be ower greedy,
Jist think on ithers far mair needy;”

In the spirit of goodwill and thinking of others during the festive season we will be encouraging donations to The Glasgow Winter Night Shelter at this event to raise some much needed funds for those down on their luck and needing a place to lay their head.

All funds from our raffle on the day will also be donated to The Glasgow Winter Night Shelter.

Please join us for a cosy day of festive cheer at BAaD and celebrate another year of Vegan Connections with us – The VC Team

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